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Samuel Andreyev’s very relativistic empire of signs

Samuel Andreyev. The Relativistic Empire. (BookThug 2015) I had not heard of Andreyev, but he’s a composer & performer from Ontario who now lives in France, & is also known for his experimental poetry. The Relativistic Empire, his 2nd collection, … Continue reading

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Brian Dedora’s profound journey to locate Lorca

Brian Dedora. Lorcation. (BookThug 2015). In the third & final section of this remarkable journey to locate Lorca where he lived, & died, & most importantly (mostly) wrote, Brian Dedora (who in Lorcation stands in for himself as writerly I … Continue reading

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Jennifer Londrys’ tattered tales tell & toll.

Jennifer Londry. Tatterdemalion. (Chaudiere Books 2015). Ragged & raging, dilapidated & defiant: some ways of describing Tatterdemalion, a book that seldom stays in place, keeps throwing around what rags of discourse it finds & shapes into the dirty clothing of … Continue reading

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Andy Weaver makes This happen

Andy Weaver. This. (Chaudiere Books 2015). In many ways This is a book of many various & entertaining challenges, & some of that entertainment, designed specifically for the pun-oriented reader, can be seen in the opening of this first sentence. … Continue reading

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Jenna Butler professes hope in a market garden on the edge of the Boreal Forest.

Jenna Butler. A Profession of Hope (Wolsak & Wynn 2015). Subtitled Farming on the Edge of the Grizzly Trail, this collection of essays makes a fervent argument for small organic farming, even as far north as the Southern edge of … Continue reading

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