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Dust becomes him: Don Kerr’s new collection

Don Kerr. The dust of just beginning (AUPress 2010). Kerr’s latest is beautifully designed, & full of sharp wit & the (necessary?) awareness of passing time & mortality that comes with age. So there are some specific elegies, for friends … Continue reading

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A not so odd combination

Adam Gopnik. Angels and Ages: A Short Book about Darwin, Lincoln, and Modern Life (2009). Robert Charles Wilson. Julian Comstock: A Story of 22nd Century America (2009). I read these books, together by a strange & as it turned out … Continue reading

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Washington Rules; or does it..?

Andrew J Bacevich. Washington Rules: America’s Path to Permanent War (2010). Here Bacevich offers an angry & passionate historical analysis of how the U.S. got into the continuing war (‘against terror’) stance it now manifests to the world at large, … Continue reading

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Trenchant memories unearthed…

Paul Fussell. The Great War and Modern Memory (1975). I decided to start reading this on Remembrance Day, having had it on hand since 1990, & never having gotten around to reading it. Fussell is, in many ways, a traditional … Continue reading

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A Novel too far?

David Weber. Out of the Dark (TOR 2010). Weber is the ‘bestselling author of the Honor Harrington novels,’ works of military SF, a sub-genre I’ve stayed away from, & this novel lets me know it’s the right decision for me. … Continue reading

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A slightly different anthology

George R R Martin & Gardner Dozois, eds. Warriors (2010). Theme anthologies seem themselves to be a ‘theme’ in SF&F publishing. Warriors is another one, although this one sought submissions from many different genres, including mystery, historical, & thriller, & … Continue reading

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Sometimes I’d rather read a book…

I often enjoy vampire fiction, what we might call a sub-sub-genre of the sub-genre Dark Fantasy; I even taught a senior Popular Culture course on Twentieth Century Vampires (& had a full class for it, surprise, surprise). Still, I have … Continue reading

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